Southern Kindness Gallery

Rotating Art Exhibit

Against the rich backdrop of Tavola's lush color palate and sophisticated décor, lie exquisite paintings curated by Southern Kindness Gallery. The exhibit, which rotates quarterly, currently showcases the works of Mexican born, Texas-based Artist Olga Saldivar.

By adding whimsical elements to ordinary situations, Saldivar creates an edge between innocence, beauty, and mystery. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy and its nature, her gallery at Tavola seamlessly reflects this artistic technique, featuring pieces titled "Cockatoo," "Luna Moths," "Butterfly," "Magpies," and "King Fisher." Exclusive to Tavola, these works are available for purchase through Southern Kindness Gallery.

Curated by Houstonian Magen Pastor, Southern Kindness Gallery represents a diverse array of over 40 emerging and established artists whose kindness goes beyond art. Challenging the traditional "stuffy" art gallery model by inspiring kindness and giving back, Southern Kindness Gallery has created an inclusive and accessible platform where conscious consumers can connect and collect specialized artwork. With every purchase, Southern Kindness Gallery supports mental health advocacy groups.